SLFL Position on Selkirk FC

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Date Added 26/08/2018
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Following a disciplinary hearing held on Tuesday 21st August, an independent panel found Selkirk FC guilty of breaching rules B14 and B15 of the SLFL rules and regulations by failing to fulfil their match with Kelty Hearts, and were subsequently fined the sum of 500, with 250 suspended on condition no further breaches occurred.

The board of the SLFL received a copy of the minutes of the hearing on Wednesday 22nd August, and after careful consideration took the view that it could not be fully confident of Selkirk FCs ability to fulfil fixtures going forward. Considering this, the board instructed the club to pay a bond of 750 by way of guarantee that they will fulfil future SLFL fixtures, payable by 3.30pm on Friday 24th August. The bond would be returnable at the end of the season if the club completed their scheduled fixtures.

Unfortunately, this deadline was not met by the club, and as a result the SLFL board took the decision to continue Selkirk FCs suspension, resulting in the postponement of their next 2 fixtures against Spartans and Cumbernauld Colts respectively.

The board will now meet on Monday 3rd September to decide on what course of action should be taken against Selkirk FC.

A further statement will be released when appropriate.