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Cumbernauld Colts - SLFL|Broadwood Stadium|1 Ardgoil Drive, Cumbernauld, G68 9NE
No Team Photo
Manager: Craig McKinlay
Manager: James Orr
Coach: Gary MacMillan
Goalkeeping Coach: Chris Fahey

(2017/2018) Senior Team

As the Colts move into Season 3 of their Senior football adventure there has been much change in the playing squad. Moving on with the clubs best wishes after 2 seasons is club captain Andy Ward. Joining Andy in leaving Broadwood are Ross Ballantyne, Johnny Black, Jamie Barclay, Mark Batchelor, the retiring Chris Fahey and Jamie Broadfoot.

2017 will see a number of fresh faces in the Colts squad as Managers Orr and McKinlay look to improve on their first two years in the SLFL

Squad & Player Information


(2017/2018) Senior Squad (click photo to view player profile)

Player D.O.B Age Position Player Sponsor
No Team Photo Sam George 1995-03-06 22 years GoalkeeperSponsorship Available!
No Team Photo Liam Running 2000-08-30 17 years GoalkeeperSponsorship Available!
Player Photo Richard Kirwan 1992-08-02 25 years DefenceColts Ladies
Player Photo Jeff Fergus 1997-06-29 20 years DefenceColts C&K U17's
Player Photo Andy Hunter 1992-05-09 25 years DefenceSponsorship Available!
No Team Photo Trialist 1993-11-03 24 years DefenceSponsorship Available!
Player Photo Jordan Marshall 1993-11-03 24 years DefenceLewis McLean
No Team Photo Greg Pascazio 1996-04-10 21 years Defence 'The Salveta Family'
No Team Photo Stephen Kerr 1995-01-13 23 years DefenceSponsorship Available!
Player Photo Lewis Wilson 1996-08-01 21 years DefenceSponsorship Available!
Player Photo Scott Davidson 1996-05-30 21 years DefenceSponsorship Available!
Player Photo Stephen O'Neill 1994-06-07 23 years MidfieldAngus Paterson
Player Photo Jordan Pirrie 1998-11-08 19 years MidfieldSponsorship Available!
Player Photo Fraser Sheridan 1997-07-10 20 years MidfieldArthur Stackpool
Player Photo Craig Murray 1994-07-17 23 years MidfieldStewart McKenzie
Player Photo Gavin Lachlan 1991-08-26 26 years MidfieldArran Brogan
Player Photo Anthony Eadie 2000-06-23 17 years MidfieldSponsorship Available!
Player Photo Sean Brown 1997-06-14 20 years AttackHope for Glasgow
Player Photo Conor McKenzie 1997-03-07 20 years AttackRon Murray
No Team Photo Craig Holmes 1995-07-01 22 years AttackAmateurs Church League
No Team Photo Kyle Gallagher 1995-09-15 22 years AttackSponsorship Available!
No Team Photo Michael Wallace 1988-10-06 29 years AttackSponsorship Available!
Player Photo Scott Ferguson 1995-01-28 23 years AttackSponsorship Available!